The Right PR Slice

The Right PR Slice

RightSliceWe “like” The Right Slice. On Facebook. And otherwise.  The company makes deep dish pies with hand-rolled butter crusts filled to the brim with local Kaua`i ingredients. They’ve got a nice website and are astute in their social media interaction. Recently, they placed an offer on their Facebook page asking for “volunteers” to test a bake-at-home pie and provide feedback about their experience.

It wasn’t a tough sell: free pie for a bit of feedback. We took them up on the offer right away and in the process, they involved us in their business and showed us that they care about what we (and all of their customers) think. Now, we are practically indebted to them, in a good way. In other words, we’ll definitely buy pies from The Right Slice because of our positive experience with them.

The Right Slice has served up the right PR slice by using social media to engage their publics and bring awareness to a new product, and by engendering a deeper engagement with their patrons.

Think of ways that you can involve your customers, pull them into your world, and show them that you truly care about their opinions.  Give away something free and valuable, and ask for something in return.  Normally, when we give things to others, we try not to have strings attached. Not so in business. Quid pro quo is what you’re after because then and only then are you truly attached to your customers and they to you.

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