Consulting Services

We believe that all successes are owed to great relationships.

Professional Fees

Depending on our client needs, we charge in the following ways:

  • Monthly Retainer – a recurring fee for a longterm contract
  • Project – cost by project (website, news release, etc.)
  • Hourly Consulting – starting at $150/hour
  • Rush and Crisis – starting at $250/hour

Business in Hawai`i and Business Everywhere

After more than two decades of working in Hawaii and mainland business environments, we’ve come to know the intricacies of small, multicultural, rural communities.  As active members of the places in which we live, we have strong relationships, first-hand knowledge, and accurate insights on economic issues, local struggles, and business realities.


Communities, like people, are complex and diverse, and understanding is the first step toward a meaningful relationship.  Likewise, meaningful relationships are the first step toward business success. By focusing on relationship building for our clients, we are able to boost the effectiveness of traditional PR tactics for high-impact results anywhere, anytime.


Trust takes a long time to earn, and yet it can also disintegrate instantly if mistakes are made. Public relations tactics have to be personal, reflect true caring, be mutually beneficial, and demonstrate “who” you are to your publics over time. No matter what PR tactics we recommend, they will always help you develop and maintain genuine, authentic relationships so that you can gain the trust you need to thrive in your community.


  • Community Relations
  • Corporate Philanthropy
  • Land Use and Development Consultation
  • Communication Plans
  • Employee Relations
  • Messaging
  • Websites and SEO
  • Email Newsletters
  • Ambassadorship
  • Hourly Consults

Your public is waiting.