Top 3 Free PR Tips in Today’s Economy

Top 3 Free PR Tips in Today’s Economy

Self-Storage-for-Business1We’ve found that while many are calling this a “challenging economy,” many businesses are making the best of the times.  So, if we all can put ourselves in the mindset that challenges are opportunities waiting to be unearthed, then here are three free PR tips for maximizing the times.

1)    Clean up and clear out.  Clutter is useless and takes up space that could be better used.  Having stacks of old things around is also unattractive.  Give your customers, your employees, and yourself more room to move around and a nice, organized space in which to work.  Be merciless about the clearing.  Donate items that you can no longer use to a nonprofit that might be able to use them.  Recycle what you can.  If there are things you absolutely cannot part with, organize them, label them, and put them in storage.  A cleaner, clearer workspace will make everyone feel better – your customers, your employees, and you, and it will symbolically provide the needed open space for useful, and perhaps moneymaking things and ideas.

2)    Innovate.  If there’s a problem, or even minor irritation, that’s affected your business for eons, now’s the time to focus on a solution.  Innovation and creativity are in the air.  And, in this case, it’s even better if you have an extremely limited budget.  It will force you to be more creative to find a new, better way to do something.

3)    Twitter.  We have found Twitter to be one of the best ways to get our messages out to our target publics immediately, for free, and with very little effort.  For tips on how to get on Twitter and use it well, see our Tweet 16 and other Twitter posts on our blog.

So what’s the PR connection? Anything you do that helps you develop or improve your relationship with your publics is indeed public relations.  Your job is to do the right things and then tell the world about it.  In the case of cleaning up and clearing out, use that as an excuse to have a little open house or a grand re-opening to show off your new and improved environs.  When you come up with an innovative solution to your problem, share it with everyone you can.  It will gain you respect and set you up as a leader (and pioneer) in your industry.  As far as Twitter goes, the benefits speak for themselves.  It’s a way to directly communicate with people who have voluntarily signed up to hear what you’re doing.  So go for it!  In today’s economy, opportunities arise out of what you create.

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