Speak for Yourself

Speak for Yourself

THE PR FIX LOGO FINALThe following is an excerpt from “The PR Fix for the Everyday Person” © 2013 by Jenny Fujita and Joy Koerte.

We always tell our clients that when they’re asked questions about a situation involving several parties, they must only answer for their own company. The same goes for you. If you’re asked a question about how another person may feel about a situation, pause and then say, “I can’t answer for them but I know that I…”

Without the pause, we can be too tempted to surmise what another person thinks or feels and answer for them, and that can get us into trouble because we might very well be wrong. Plus, you wouldn’t want someone answering a question on your behalf unless you’d given them permission to do so. So remember, when you speak, only speak for yourself.

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