Collaborate to Win

Collaborate to Win

Recently we provided an exclusive auto insurance deal for all FMPR friends and their employees in Hawai`i.  With this deal, they could get special rates, exceptional coverage and unique policy enhancements. And, anyone who acted on the offer and received an estimate by specified date (June 30) would be entered to win a free, brand new 4th generation 32 GB iPod Touch sponsored by FMPR.

This deal is a perfect example of collaboration at its best, where all involved win. Mokihana Insurance is our client and also our insurance provider, so we know them well and know they’ll provide our clients and friends with the same great service we receive. Anyone who acts on the deal is likely to save money plus a chance to win an iPod Touch.  By promoting the deal in our e-letter, we’re making our e-letter valuable to our readers.  If respondents end up getting their insurance from Mokihana, the company builds its insurance business.  The positives abound.

Think of the companies you do business with, collaborate with them, and promote the collaboration.  Enhancing the value your customers receive by leveraging the good reputation and services of the businesses you deal with helps everyone.  Collaborating to win is the height of public relations because it serves all of your publics and grows your business all at once.

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