Top 5 PR Fixes

Top 5 PR Fixes

IMG_5810Family relations involving children, divorce, social media and hurricane planning were the topics of the most read PR Fixes this year.  In case you missed them or need a recap, check out the top 5 The PR Fix for the Everyday Person posts of 2015:

  1. 5 Rules of Common Courtesy in Social Media
  2. What Kids of Divorce Want their Parents to Know
  3. Family Hurricane Plan
  4. 5 Aha! Uses for Thank You
  5. The PR Fix for Kids: Everyday Conversation

In addition to the above, here are our (the authors) top PR Fix Picks for 2015:

  1. How to Write Difficult Correspondence
  2. ‘But’ Out, ‘And’ In
  3. 10 Rules for Successful Family Meetings
  4. 5 Tips for Making More Home Cooked Meals
  5. 17 Ways to Shake Off the Holiday Funk

Thank you for your interest in and interactions with The PR Fix for the Everyday Person.  We would love to hear more about which articles resonated with you and what you would like us to write about in 2016.  Please share our website and Facebook page with your friends. We wish you and yours a New Year filled with peace, happiness and love!

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