Too Late for Marriage?

Too Late for Marriage?

One of our PR Fix Facebook friends asked for advice because she felt she was “too late for marriage,” yet didn’t want to remain single. We hope our response might be helpful to others as well. Here’s what we recommended:

Dear Friend,

There is someone for everyone, regardless of age, and many people worldwide find love and marry later in life. Believe this. Be confident and optimistic, have faith, be open, and make room for another in your life.

It has helped many people to write down the type of person they are looking for as well as the way they will feel when they are in a good relationship. Think about all of those beautiful emotions and the happiness and contentment you will feel when you are married — and then let the dream go and know that it will come true. You do not need to worry or attach to the dream.

Also consider the many wonderful qualities you have to offer someone and continually remind yourself who you are. When you know who you are, it shows to others.

Make sure you are socializing with people you enjoy and that you are acting in a way that attracts people (rather than pushing them away).  Many of the posts on The PR Fix for the Everyday Person talk about ways to attract versus repel.

Finally, there have been many accounts of single people who have made room in their life for someone and then that special someone appeared. For example, sleep on one side of the bed (instead of in the middle), use only half of your closet, leave empty space on your bookshelf, etc. These examples are all ways you can act in expectation of someone special arriving in your life. We wish you all the very best. Please keep us updated. We look forward to hearing good news from you soon!

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