The Art of the Apology

The Art of the Apology

apologyApologies can be very awkward. Handling an apology gently and thoughtfully can ease your discomfort and encourage the other party to accept your apology so that you can both move forward positively.  When apologizing remember to:

  • Be direct. Don’t beat around the bush. Get right to the point. Say “I’m sorry” upfront.
  • Keep eye contact.  Looking the other person directly in the eyes shows that you are being genuine and honest.
  • Use a soft and steady voice that shows respect and remorse. It also communicates that you are there to create peace versus conflict.
  • Don’t be defensive or make excuses. Sure, there are reasons that caused you to do what you did. Regardless, what you did was wrong, so those reasons aren’t relevant. Bringing them up will sound as if you’re justifying or minimizing the wrongdoing.
  • Keep it short. If the other party wants to rehash the entire situation, which may bring up bad feelings for both of you, politely interrupt and say “This is why I’m apologizing. I’m sorry. Let’s put this behind us.”

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