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Fujita & Miura Public Relations has announced that Nicole Rapozo of Kaua`i and Louis Herbst of Pennsylvania are the 2012 Fujita & Miura Public Relations’ (FMPR) Scholars. Sixteen-year-old Nicole Rapozo of Kaua`i graduated a year early from Kapa`a High School this May with a 3.7 GPA. The daughter of Mel and Patsy Rapozo, Nicole is the author of a book of quotes entitled, “Inspiration, Motivation, Change,” the proceeds of which she will use to begin a foundation to benefit children and single parents. Once she completes one year at Kaua`i Community College, she will transfer to a mainland college and major in psychology, to eventually pursue her doctorate and a career serving families and children. “I enjoy community service and helping children and families.  I intend to use my education and my passion for community service to pursue a career that make a positive difference in the lives of all the people I serve,” says Rapozo. image-150x150Louis Herbst is a middle school instructor as well as the Athletic Director and Summer Camp and After School Enrichment Program Director for United Friends School.  Herbst has a bachelor’s degree in history and education, summa cum laude and will begin pursuing his master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Pennsylvania this summer. He is enrolled in the Friends Council on Education Leadership Institute, where he will engage in a two-year action research leadership project. “My goal is to become the head of a Friends School. I see an education through Penn’s independent school leadership program as an amazing opportunity to reflect and challenge myself. As a Quaker, I am committed to the conflict resolution and decision making processes that guide not just Friends Schools but many independent schools. I feel it necessary to be part of a program that understands these challenges and processes. More than anything, I desire to be a reflective leader that hears all, fosters teachers’ passions, and places the students first,” says Herbst.