More on Geo-Tagging/Location-Based Social Media

More on Geo-Tagging/Location-Based Social Media

location-appsHere’s another great article from the Mashable website on geo-tagging/location-based social media:

5 Things You Need to Know About Location-Based Social Media
by Kevin Nakao

Kevin Nakao is VP of Mobile & Business Search for WhitePages, a Top 40 Web and Mobile Publisher. You can find him on Twitter, and on the Whitepages Blog where he writes about mobile, local, and social media.

While last year’s SXSW seemed to serve as the “coming out” party for location-based services (LBS), maybe this year’s conference signifies the migration of these platforms into mainstream culture. And perhaps the only real “new” concept to emerge this year is the idea that there is finally a real opportunity to make money via “location.”

Here are five things that companies should consider as they look to utilize location-based services (LBS) as part their mobile strategy. Click here to read the entire article.

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