By Jenny Fujita and Joy Miura Koerte, Fujita & Miura Public Relations
Recently a popular syndicated radio talk show host was inviting the public to a holiday event she was going to be hosting. Only she couldn’t remember all the details about it, nor could she say exactly where to find the information on her website. This is a good reminder to all of us in business to “know your stuff.”

“Know your stuff” refers to many things, is relative to employees at every level, and is significant to your business’ public relations. If one of your employees on or off the job answers “I don’t know” to someone asking a question about your business, it reflects poorly on the business for having under-trained and under-prepared the employee.

If you are going to be representing your business in any public forum, be sure to know the facts about the company, even down to basic details like the contact information. If you are hiring new employees or casual staff over the holidays, make sure they are well informed about your products, services, and information channels. Asking them to become familiar with your website, brochures, and promotions will help them avoid saying “I don’t know.”

Remember that PR is in the substance. Every solid relationship requires consistently and continually making and keeping promises. It’s good to hype up a product or service, as long as the people you want to support it are told when, where and how to get it, and as long as what was promised is delivered in whole. Consistently making and keeping promises, and truly knowing your stuff will build a strong PR foundation over time.

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