FMPR Picks: Top 5 Articles for Nonprofits

FMPR Picks: Top 5 Articles for Nonprofits

nonprofitLike many businesses today, not-for-profit business are facing challenging times when it comes to attracting new donors, re-upping past donors, and getting by with thin budgets and staff. If you’re involved in a nonprofit organization, remember that PR can be a relatively inexpensive and simple way to achieve your goals.

Are you abiding by the first rule of fundraising?  Do you have faith that when times seem the worst they can be the best?  Are you remembering oft forgotten target publics?  What improvements can be made in your organization’s PR?   Is there a business or entity that you can inspire to care more about your organization?

Check out FMPR’s Top 5 PR Articles for Nonprofits below and see how you can apply our advice and observations to your nonprofit business:

  1. Rule #1: Ask
  2. When the ‘Iniki Effect’ is a Good Thing
  3. The Passion of the Faith-Based Public
  4. PR in Your Own Back Yard
  5. PR Cares
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