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mmsThe term "mass customization" was coined in 1987 in Stanley M. Davis' book "Future Perfect." Fifteen years later, “Metropolis” magazine called mass customization the number one design idea for the 21st century. Today, there are numerous examples of mass customization, that is, offering customized products to the masses, but the concept has gone way beyond LL Bean’s monogramming. A good example is Levi Strauss. The company’s new $20 million Original Levi’s Store in San Francisco is part theater, part art gallery, part museum, part cinema, and part rave. With 70,000 watts of digital audio, a biometrics recognition system, a 3D body scanner, and a ton of video screens, shoppers are in for an interactive, memorable experience and unequalled opportunities to take those old 501s to a new level.
Many think that successful public relations (PR) efforts are solely the result of ingenious strategy and perfectly timed implementation. While that's partially true, your outward appearance has a considerable effect on PR. We all have bad days when we're running late, and once we finally get to work, realize that we forgot some documents at home, or even worse, didn't brush our teeth! But one bad day can create a nearly permanent bad image of your company. You know the basics of presenting yourself well: have good hygiene, dress appropriately, and be neat. Here are a few "advanced" tips to making stunning impressions:
HeartAccording to “Nuts! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success,” “In 1989, when the San Francisco Bay area experienced a terrible earthquake, Gary Holloway, then a Southwest employee in Phoenix, thought of a way to help the victims.  He called an ABC television affiliate in Phoenix and asked newscasters to tell viewers to take blankets, clothes, and canned food to the Southwest terminal at Sky Harbor Airport…The outpouring from Phoenix and other Southwest cities was so strong that, when it was all over, Southwest Airlines had flown in more supplies to relieve the victims than anyone else, including the American Red Cross!”