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Families are busier now more than ever before.  As a mommy, my brain is overloaded with dates, times and logistics of my family's sports schedules,  school schedules, dentist appointments, birthday parties, and so on.  The list goes on and on and on.  It's impossible to keep track of everyone and everything without a little help.  Our family uses one electronic calendar to keep activities and appointments in order.  We find that it saves time, effort and importantly, our sanity. While wall calendars or bulletin board calendars can work well for a family calendar, I highly recommend using an electronic calendar, or e-calendar.  You can use the calendars built into your computer or phone or use a web based calendar, such as Google Calendar.  I find e-calendars are superior to physical calendars because:
IMG_6708Have you ever been frustrated with your spouse because they forgot to do something that you asked them to do or been accused by your children that "you didn't tell me" about something that they missed out on (even though you told them five times)?  Does the following sound familiar? "You didn't tell me I needed to wear shoes!" or "You didn't tell me that today was Grandma's birthday!"  We've found that the majority of strife within families is attributed to miscommunication or no communication.  While the above examples are minor problems that can occur in families, ongoing miscommunication can lead to more serious issues, such as feelings of neglect and disconnect.  In these cases, family members may seek people outside of the family to fulfill their primary sense of care and understanding.   Strong families want care, understanding, respect and love to start within their unit.