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Information is moving at the speed of light these days, and while email can be a quick and convenient business tool, it’s worth it to take the time and care to use them well.  Your customers' perceptions of your business are not only derived from your store front or offerings, but by all the different ways you put yourself out into the public.  Good email etiquette is just as important as having a good product, service, or return policy.  Below are a few common examples of business email best practices that can give you a PR advantage:
Many times when we’re prompted by an ad, article, or email to contact a business, we are unable to find adequate contact information for that company. That’s so frustrating, especially when we want to patron that business! In this busy world, people are so used to getting information quickly that they do not want to take the time or added effort to look up a phone number or manually enter in all the information to get the driving directions to a location.  Helping customers contact or get to you fast and easy is critical to making a sale and creating a favorable feeling about your company. Here are a few tips to assist customers in contacting you with ease: