By Jenny Fujita and Joy Miura Koerte, Fujita & Miura Public Relations

Businesses are working harder and more creatively than ever for their piece of the profit pie. And rightly so, as we are all living in a global economy where almost anyone in the world can become our competitor. Consumers are shopping around for the best quality and service they can find, even if it means buying online. Thus, companies are now thinking outside the box, maximizing their assets, and at the same time providing unique added-value to their customers.

Some examples include a high-end retailer acquiring museum-quality pieces and displaying them to attract increased traffic and longer visits. Or, a store that gives children free balloons to help parents maintain a pleasant shopping experience. Or, a restaurant that showcases an edible garden and uses its harvests in its gourmet selections, offers public tours, and is available to rent for special events.

This value-added, experiential approach to boost sales takes many cues from public relations in terms of considering and addressing your target publics’ needs, interests, and overall experience with your company, above and beyond the product or service they seek. Kaua`i businesses can make note of this and apply them to their own operations. Think big, add your Kaua`i twist, and “raise the sand bar” to give your competitors from afar a run for their money.

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