By Jenny Fujita and Joy Miura Koerte, Fujita & Miura Public Relations

We once had a potential client who, when we informed him how critical relationship-building and being a part of the community on Kaua`i was, told us, “I’m not a joiner. I work alone.“ And alone he did work. Not with us, and not on Kaua`i. Kaua`i is a small business community. We are collaborative, definitely generous with our charitable time and money, and we thrive on social connections.

If you’re new to business on Kaua`i or if your relationships need strengthening, consider joining some of Kauai’s membership organizations. Choose the organizations that serve your industry and that will provide you value; enable you to form relationships with potential allies; help your business fulfill its community service vision and maximize your and your employees’ good intentions; and provide opportunities for your business to serve and shine.

There are many solid Kaua`i organizations. A good listing of them is available at Some of the organizations we repeatedly recommend that our clients join include the Kaua`i Chamber of Commerce, Contractors Association of Kaua`i, Kaua`i Visitors Bureau, Kaua`i County Farm Bureau, Kaua`i Planning and Action Alliance, Kaua`i Economic Development Board, The Nature Conservancy and other environmental stewardship groups, regional business associations (e.g., Lihu`e Business Association), service organizations (Rotary, etc.), and many others.

Once you join, participate. Get involved with the organizations’ activities and be a contributing member. Build relationships and make friends. Join ’em! That’s Kaua`i-style.

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