By Jenny Fujita and Joy Miura Koerte, Fujita & Miura Public Relations

Mahalo to all those who applied for the FMPR scholarship. We will announce the recipient in May.

In the next few months, teenagers from all over Kaua`i will be receiving acceptance letters from colleges and their parents will begin preparing to have empty nests. It will be an exciting time for many, and for some, a time of apprehension. Students will wonder what the new school year at college brings for them in terms of academic challenges and social situations. Parents will wonder how they will pay tuitions, especially in this challenging economy. But still, those who have the opportunity to pursue higher education will find a way. Fujita & Miura Public Relations would like to join those families investing in education by awarding one $1,000 scholarship to a Kaua`i student pursuing their bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree.

The selection of FMPR Scholars is based upon Kaua`i residents and students who:

  1. Are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees, preferably in communications or public relations.
  2. Are interested in owning or working for a small business and/or home-based business. – Are engaged in entrepreneurial activities.
  3. Have the intention to come home to and pursue their livelihoods on Kaua`i after undergraduate or graduate school.
  4. Are engaged in community service and wish to advance the Kaua`i community after college.
  5. Have proven intellectual and academic achievements.
  6. Show integrity of character and an interest in helping others.
  7. Have the ability to lead and the motivation to use their talents to the fullest.

Applications as well as detailed instructions can be found at Completed applications are due by March 30, 2009, and the FMPR Scholar for 2009 will be announced on May 1, 2009.

We are looking forward to learning about applicants’ aspirations and plans for the future; about how they plan to make an effective contribution to the world around them, and to Kaua`i in particular; and how they will blend their intellectual talents and concern for others to play an influential role in the betterment of society, wherever their careers might take them. When we award our first Fujita & Miura Public Relations Scholarship it will be our honor and privilege to wish that student well as they head off to college, and to demonstrate our great optimism for the future of our youth and our island.

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