By Michelle Harrington, Emagine Web Marketing This month's column is brought to you by Michelle Harrington of Emagine Web Marketing, an associate of Fujita & Miura Public Relations. She has been providing website design, development and internet marketing services since 2001. With over 8.5 billion web pages on the internet and growing by 250,000 new pages per day, you may be wondering how your website will be found by potential customers in this sea of information. No matter how you plan to publicize or market your website offline, it is likely that you will need to rely on search engine traffic to help drive targeted customers to your web site. Search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary to ensure that your site can be found. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website as visible as it can be to the search engines and ultimately to your customers. A website created without SEO is like opening a new business but not telling anyone about it - and just hoping customers will eventually find it.
Many times when we’re prompted by an ad, article, or email to contact a business, we are unable to find adequate contact information for that company. That’s so frustrating, especially when we want to patron that business! In this busy world, people are so used to getting information quickly that they do not want to take the time or added effort to look up a phone number or manually enter in all the information to get the driving directions to a location.  Helping customers contact or get to you fast and easy is critical to making a sale and creating a favorable feeling about your company. Here are a few tips to assist customers in contacting you with ease:
By Michelle Harrington This post is brought to you by Emagine Web Marketing, an associate of Fujita & Miura Public Relations. Emagine Web Marketing is a development and marketing company that helps small businesses expand their reach and increase sales online through innovative and effective web marketing and optimization strategies. Growth is an ever-present, integral part of a successful business. Like a well-tended garden, the growth of your business will remain vital and able to withstand the ever-changing landscape in market and economy. Your website is no different – the success of your website relies on the quality of attention and maintenance you put into it.