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  Another easy, healthy entrée to make for any occasion, flexible enough to be a regular night's dinner or a dish for your next family gathering, is furikake salmon.  In addition to how quickly you can whip this up, it only takes six ingredients (including salt and pepper)!  Here's how you can create this dish at home:
One of the first meals my mom taught me to cook is a very easy, healthy roast chicken with vegetables.  When she first told me how to make it, I was amazed at how such little seasoning could turn chicken into a flavorful meal. And, there is no need to prepare an entrée and vegetable course when serving this dish as it combines the both!  Here's how to whip it up (adjust the portions to fit your needs).
In Hawaii, many backyard gardens grow the long squash that is green and can grow up to several feet in length.  Long squash is especially plentiful in the summer months.  Despite the heat of the season, my husband and 2-year-old son love to eat squash soup so much that they can devour it week after week.  I've even resorted to doubling my original recipe to keep up with them!  The best part about Squash Soup, above the rave reviews and nutritional value, is that it's super easy to make and a perfect one-pot meal.  So, I thought that some of you may be interested in the recipe and making it for your families.  Here it is: